Music-A was initially conceived as an initiative to gather musicians under one umbrella for the pure joy of playing music. The brand was founded in 2005 by Roger A-Smith, Cellist and Business graduate, who saw a big potential in the music and entertainment production field that was restricted back then to direct musician-client relations.

The brand developed and expended along the years, and became a trusted platform within the Lebanese market. It grew into a reputed directory in the live entertainment field with established musicians and singers, new musical concepts, and a variety of styles and schools. The range expended in parallel to the demand expansion, and a wider category of artists such as dancers, actors, magicians…

Our family is getting even bigger today, and so is our customer base. Our services now cover the entire MENA region, and are customized to fit any type of event: weddings, corporate events, festivals, TV productions and much more.

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