Four musicians hailing from different musical influences come together to inspire and be inspired. Sincere vibes, a way of life, inseparable friendship-turned-musical family  - Marru, Joy, Lea and melissa - write, play and live music directly from the heart.  These four young woman comprise IKLIL, the hottest new band to crash upon the shores of Beirut's vibrant music scene.

In its short history of less than one year, IKLIL achieved the People's Choice award (accomplishing two levels competing with approximately 20 bands) at Grand Factory for the annual Beirut Open Stage Competition, and has appeared in major Lebanese festivals including Jim Beam Rocks (July 2015) opening for Glenn Hughes (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple), Fete De La Musique (June 2015) and AUB Out of Doors (May 2015).  IKLIL is currently recording her first EP and making preparations for its first tour.  

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