Music House was conceived as the result of our long experience in the entertainment field and constant cooperation with the most talented and reputed musicians in the domain. We wanted to guarantee that music impacts all people's lives in the same beautiful and healing way it did to ours. You definitely learned about research results proving how music lessons impact children's educational and focusing abilities, heal the sick, or even change lives. Our students' testimonials allowed us to add to the above that music lessons help children overcome personal problems, increase their confidence, and make them more mature. Our older students even expressed feeling younger and more excited about life.

We were also keen from the beginning to provide our students, aged from 4 and up, with the highest standards of musical education based on a strong academic program and competent teachers. Our courses cover therefore teaching any kind of classical, modern, or oriental instruments, adding major importance to solfeggio, dictation, theory, harmony, and counterpoint. Our administration also supervises students' progress and monitors teachers' efficiency to guarantee the satisfaction and benefit of our students.

In addition, Music House lately launched its music classes at home as per the enormous demand of parents whose schedules conflict with ours or whose residences are located very far. We made sure to maintain the high standards of our system by incorporating all its components online, linking, therefore, teachers, students, and parents to our administration that shall ensure the good adoption of our program. Students will only have to be present at our premises at the end of each academic term to present their exams before our professional jury of competent musicians and teachers.

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