I have Known Roger for 9 years.
Over the years he has been part of all our family weddings.
He is Creative, passionate and always ready to add his musical touches to our special occasions.

Noura Hawilo
Dubai, U.A.E

Amazing team! We loved working with Roger and his talented team of musicians!
They helped us organize our wedding from distance with a lot of patience and professionalism.
They definitely elevated our wedding vibes! Music-A team does awesome music with a lot of passion.
We love youuu!<3

Maria Bou Merhi
Piedmont, Italy

Thank you Roger and team for making our wedding so special.
Their performance took the night to a new level and left us wanting more!
 well deserved 5 stars for all their professionalism and service!

Nany Abdul Wahab
Montreal, Quebec

To be honest I was a bit nervous because We were planning our wedding from another country,
We spoke to Roger couple of times and he helped us with everything needed, very nice guy, all the musicians were very talented and professional.
Outstanding accordion show, great entrance and the dance booster really helped the dance.
Very recommended.
Thank you!

Roy Chehwan
Boston, USA

Megan and I want to thank you for coming through as promised and even exceeding our expectations. In my opinion, our wedding was magical and the credit goes to a large extent to you. At the church you were sublime. The choir was coordinated and excellent. At La Posta you have performed something I've never ever seen before (and I've been to a number of weddings in Europe, the Middle East and the US). Thank you for learning the music we requested and performing it at a very high level. You have made our married guests very jealous of us (in a positive way), and our single guests vying to follow our steps. Your show was really at the highest level possible.

Finally, the parade was awesome and Megan loved it. You know she fought me so much about it as she didn't want it, but it must have been one of her favorite parts of the day.

Most importantly, I want to thank you personally for all your help and patience. You have been very professional and very kind to me. I will make sure to recommend you to all of my friends and family and will ask Mondanite and the other local magazines that will feature our wedding to give you credit.

I am also copying Christiane Adam in for her information and would vouch for you so she could recommend you to her clients.

Megan & Hanna
USA, New York City

We worked with Music-A for our wedding, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. The whole performance was amazing, their music is outstanding, and they even recorded our first dance on a very short notice. Highly recommended <3 <3

Justina Azzi
Dubai, U.A.E

I recently hired Music A for a special event and was thoroughly impressed. From the initial inquiry to the performance itself, they demonstrated exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. They tailored the performance to my specific needs, creating a personalized and unforgettable experience. Overall, I highly recommend Music A for anyone looking to elevate their event with exceptional entertainment tailored to their needs.

Dima Raine

I recently hired Music-A for an event, and I couldn't be more impressed with their service. From the initial inquiry to the end of the event, everything was handled professionally and efficiently. The DJ they provided was exceptional - they kept the energy high, and the dance floor packed throughout the night. They seamlessly mixed different genres and played all the songs on our requested playlist, making sure everyone had a great time.

Moreover, their equipment was top-notch, providing crystal-clear sound and impressive lighting effects that enhanced the atmosphere. The DJ was also very accommodating to our requests and was able to read the crowd perfectly, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone.

I would highly recommend Music-A for any event where you need reliable and talented entertainment. They truly exceeded my expectations and made our event a fantastic success. Thank you so much!"

Lara Abdul Malak
Verdun, LB

Working with Roger and the Music-A team was so smooth and lovely. Everyone was very accommodating and lovely to work with.
Tracy & Nancy were beyond amazing, they are so talented and brought great vibes to our wedding!

Hera Albarian
Dubai, U.A.E

I recently hired Music A for a special event and was thoroughly impressed. From the initial inquiry to the performance itself, they demonstrated exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. They tailored the performance to my specific needs, creating a personalized and unforgettable experience. Overall, I highly recommend Music A for anyone looking to elevate their event with exceptional entertainment tailored to their needs.

Dima Raine

Dear Roger,

On behalf of the attendees, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the delightful musical performance last week.
The talented musicians and their engaging repertoire greatly enhanced the enjoyment of our gathering, creating a truly memorable atmosphere.

Sarah M.
HR Management - Bankers Assurance

Sarah M.
Down Town Beirut

My embassy rented a piano from Music-A for our Christmas concert and everything went just perfectly smoothly thanks to Roger – nice, helpful and professional.

Looking forward to working with you again!

Edita Vaclavikova
Baabda - Lebanon

Amazing performance to WOW each of your guests, pleasant to deal with and worth every penny! Thank you!

Mounir Kabbara
Arizona, USA

We’ve had Music A on our wedding day, and it was a very nice experience!
We’ve got the led dancers ladies for the bridal entrance and the samba dancers for the cake - Also Roger is very helpful and professional.

Christelle Wardan
London - UK

Music-A truly made our wedding unforgettable!
Winning a free show at a wedding fair was a delightful, unexpected surprise, since unlike any other competitions, it was completely genuine and unbelievable.
From the first conversation, Mr. Roger showed complete interest in tailoring the experience to our special day. We chose a cake show as recommended by his experienced self.
On our wedding day, they not only showed up early but also elevated the celebration to new heights.
Our guests still rave about them, and I can't recommend them enough for their professionalism, dedication, and the magical touch they brought to our wedding!
Grateful for the lasting memories they created!
Thank you, Roger and Music-A, for your honesty and the STUNNING performance.

Huda Idriss
Beirut, LB

Thank you so much for making our wedding a night to remember! Everything was fantastic!
– The staff were really friendly and professional and not once did the dance floor empty out or even have a quieter period!
I would definitely recommend you for any party!
Roger you even made the time before the wedding very relaxing and comforting and for that i thank you the most :)

Zahraa Akil
Doha, Qatar

Our 3rd wedding with Roger, I guess we are stuck with you forever.
You are extremely professional, and your passion and dedication shine through always.

Lana Hawilo
Dubai, U.A.E

By far the best musicians I've ever seen!
I had them play at my wedding a month ago, they played the Cello and the Violins.
The performance was breathtaking!! They even took the time to adjust the outfits to the theme and were very flexible in terms of music selection. They are so professional and talented; I'd highly recommend them if you want to take your event to the next level....
honestly, CHAPEAU BAS!

Sara Abbas
Beirut, LB

A group of professionals in the music industry and entertainment, way to go Roger, Carine made our event a one of a kind and the Tabl-A fired it up also, keep up the good work!

Office Manager from Medicals international. 

Jubran Karam
Baabda - Lebanon

Amazingggggggggggg Music-A!

Serena Salim - Servcorp
Beirut, LB

We had a great experience with the team for our wedding. Roger is incredibly nice and worked with me to find a solution for some issues that came up with our venue. Although we didn’t get to hear the qanoun player as we were taking pictures, I got a very positive feedback from our wedding guests. Would recommend them!

Nour Bitar & Benjamin Daci

Amazing performance! Professionalism at its best!

Jennifer Arayes
Bsalim, Leb

I just wanted to thank u
Anjad the most professional team i have ever met
The violinist made all the crowd crazy he is so talented
And the Tabl-A show was the hit at the wedding
Me and Anthony want to thank you for everything

Remy Chamieh

These guys are the BEST! We chose Music A for our wedding, and they exceeded our expectations. The performance was outstanding: magical and classy. Roger customized our entrance and helped us choose the music. Couldn’t thank you enough. Highly recommended!!!

Rouba Haddad
Dbayeh, Lebanon

Music-A without any doubt the best of the best in Lebanon for your special day, Roger and his team are amazing talented musicians that will boost your party to the max.
Thank you for the best entertainment looking forward working with you again.

Shirley Jraiche

They are the best! You can totally rely on them. We explained to Roger how we wanted our wedding entertainment to be, and he did the rest with his amazing Team! Results were amazing! It felt so good to have them with us on our special day! They are a great team, talented and tasteful and lovely people! They played a big role for the success of this night, and it was not just perfect but even better than we could have imagined! We felt that it was handled with a lot of love! Their heart was in it, and we felt that they played at our wedding as it was theirs!
Highly recommended

Stephanie Bou Chalhoub
Beirut, Lebanon

You made our wedding worthwhile!
Couldn’t thank you enough!!!

Youssef Badran & Jenni Nikolakis
Jounieh, Lebanon

We chose Music-A team for our wedding entertainment; & definitely HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! ♥️
Roger is so nice, professional & helpful in everything related to the wedding not only the music. He is very flexible, always ready to suggest ideas in order to make the schedule pleasant, complete & well-coordinated. His performance on the Cello during welcome drink/cake show was royal & more than outstanding! The cake show is a must!
All the musicians are talented. Not to forget Carine & her band, playing a mix of old Arabic/French/English songs, along with Joe's percussion show-
They have amazing vibes and energy, they are so interactive & they made the atmosphere very agreeable and vibrant.
Everyone including us were extremely enjoying every second of it & not being able to get off the dancefloor. You can find with them whatever you request.

Melissa Abou Jaoude

Loved the band so much! Everything was on point, team is super professional! Would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a music entertainment <3

Leen Maghniye
Beirut, LB

They are just the best! Antony with his buzuq charmed us during our wedding dinner and we were all enjoying
and Roger is super awesome and very cooperative! They are highly recommended for any special occasion❤️

Lamisse Riachy
Dubai, U.A.E

Professional to the extreme (from the planning phase to the actual party).
Great entertainment and interaction with the audience! And lots lots of fun!!!

Elie Ziade
Dubai, U.A.E

Thank you so much =) The team is amazing, you made our day! 

elenka Arzhannikova

Our go-to people when we need to book music players for events.
Extremely professional, respectful, and cooperative. Highly recommended.

Wellspring Learning Community - Beirut & Mathaf Campus.

Abir Makki Director of Administration and Operations Director of Strategic Development
Beirut, Lebanon

The presence of Roger and the bands took our wedding to the next level! The best part is that they get you and your vibe and then create a show to emphasize it! We enjoyed every bit!

Christel Abi Akl
Beirut, Lebanon

These Guys are awesome! They were very collaborative and responsive. They were able to create something very specific and custom for my sister's wedding. They did a spectacular job even when we had last minute changes. Highly recommend them for any event. They'll make the night extra special!!

Gael Aki Akl
Beirut, Lebanon

Very talented and professional!
Thank you Roger...
Thank you Music-A!
It was an amazing performance.

Josiane Salloum

Very Talented and Professional Team!!
5 Stars. 

Melissa Francis

You are all awesome!! Thank you for your professionalism, dedication, and above all your beautiful energy ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Film Director: Joe Bou Eid
Beirut, Lebanon

Our wedding couldn’t have been the same without you ! You left us speechless ❤️ it was a day to remember ✨ what a team !what a performance ! what an experience! Professionals. 

Thank you for everything!!

Melissa & Roy Farah

Very professional!!!! The team I dealt with was amazing and friendly!
They made our day special and unforgettable ❤

Mirvat Jarouche
São Paulo, Brazil

5 Stars. Everything was Perfect!
Thank you!

Jessica Mattar
Nahr Brahim

Extremely professional and talented group of musicians and entertainers! They performed at my wedding in September 2021 and they exceeded my expectations. The parade was simply amazing and Carine Bou Doumit, with her beautiful voice, created the best mood for our day wedding! Hats off for Roger, he was very helpful and supportive throughout the preparations and planning and his presence at the wedding day showed his high level of professionalism and sincere support! Entertainment is a very important choice in every event especially weddings, and Music-A was definitely a great one!

Najwa Dagher
Beirut, Lebanon

Very talented, creative and engaging. We had 2 shows with great mix of songs.
Roger was very helpful and extremely professional and easy to deal with.
He even advised us on issues concerning the wedding and non related to his role.
He made things easier and less stressful. Music-A is Strongly recommended !!

Cynthia Mahfouz

Music-A was perfect in our wedding, from A to Z.
The Twist parade team was on point, very punctual and ready.
Carine (the singer) was awesome during the ceremony and the party.
She had an amazing voice and the vibes were great. Definitely recommended!!!

Jean-Michel Mendelek
Dubai, U.A.E

I am out of words to describe how much Allegro Violin Show from Music-A was OUTSTANDING!!!!! Hats off!!!!


Ouhayla Dernayka
North Lebanon

Outstanding performance, very professional musicians, creative, helpful , punctual, friendly, Roger you’re a Pro! I highly recommend Music-A!

Roland Marie
Lyon, France

What to say about Music A?
The most professional, talented, creative, and friendliest artists that you can work with to make your day extra special!! We were hooked from the first meeting that we had with Roger.
We first wanted a parade for our entrance, but we loved what he offered so much that we ended up chosing 4 different live shows, and every single one of them was A-mazing!!
Roger even helped us plan our venue down to last minute and personally coordinated with the DJ and the lighting at the venue to make everything just perfect.
All the guests were highly impressed and entertained by every show. Thank you Music-A for bringing the WOW factor to our celebration!!

Michel Bou Samra

< 5 STARS >

Joseph Abi Haila

Amazing and most professional work!!
It was an outstanding performance and made our night as we wished! Highly recommended!

Heba Hussein
Beirut, Lebanon

Professionals at work. I had a positive experience and most importantly great musical gig. I would do it again. Best of luck Roger and the team.

Elie A

I was so happy to see the Cellist playing at my wedding- it was Magical !! Thank you so much!

Daniel Tokarski

I highly recommend this super professional company.
My wedding was dreamy because of their amazingly talented cello player. Thank you ❤️

Elyse Abou Jawdeh
Muscat - Oman

Roger, you are one of a kind. On a personal and professional level. I truly appreciate your dedication and your amazing passion for what you do. You just do it wholeheartedly as if the event is simply dedicated to you. Thank you so much for everything you have done especially amidst of everything Lebanon is going through. It was a blessed night from the very first moment Can’t wait to work again with you the soonest. Lord Jesus bless you.

Roy Nasr

Roger!! Very professional, experience never to forget! Thank you!

Freddy & Cynthia Aoun

Magical! Beyond expectations! Amazing performance and amazing people!

Sou yn Bou Zeid

Merci Beaucoup Roger, C'etait Excellent 

Fayka Boustany
Ashrafieh - Beirut

You were Amazing!!!!! You made it so fund and your playlist worked perfectly!
Thank you so so so much!! 

Clare T.Brown
Sursock - Ashrafieh

The most professional, friendly, helpful, delightful Roger and crew. Thank you for the amazing performance.

Anthony Azzi

Music-A are so professional Loved the mood they added to my wedding, A super fun yet elegant performance on the Cello & Violins by Roger and his team!
Roger is genuinely very helpful and professional. Super recommended!

Nicole kaddoum

Thank you for the magical performance yesterday!
The Violinist Lucie and the Saxophonist Krikor added glamour to our wedding! Amazing and Professional Team!

Mirna Demirdjian

Thank you guys we were all happy and enjoyed the amazing performance...
The Bachelor party was awesome!

Nancy Moukarzel
Cornet Chehwan

Great team with a wonderful performance and a professional customer relationship. Thank you guys for making our wedding a special one !!

Joanne Nassar

These Guys are so professional and over deliver with everything they do. The team is so on point to the level you don't need to worry about anything. They have all types of bands for any event you need and I highly recommend them for weddings. Thank you Roger and the team for your professionalism!

Edwardo Selfani

Great performance on short notice - Very customizable!

Moustafa Nazar
Québec, Canada

Thank you so much for your amazing work last night!!!! Everyone is still talking about your performance!!!! To the public reading this... Go with whatever the team suggest... They know best!!!! God bless you always.

Rachael Abboud
Sydney, Australia

Got married in these hard conditions and roger with his band were the best entertainment in the wedding. Their performance were perfect . Would recommend Music-A for every event.

Marc & Hind Housseini
Dubai, U.A.E

Music-A is a music gem! Very talented and professional musicians, playing for the love of music! The owner Roger is the best cellist in lebanon! Very professional, creative, helpful and among all very kind! The team he works with are amazing, not to mention the sound engineers and the sound system they use. We were lucky to find Music-A that transformed our wedding from a simple one to a perfect one just as we hoped it would be handling everything from A to Z. My few words won’t do you fair, i hope you get the fame you deserve and i will make sure to help in every way possible cause you simply deserve it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ghassan Sakr

Roger managed to transform my wedding dinner to a wedding party!
I highly recommend trusting Music-A to handle A-Z entertainment details from Zaffe to entertainment and even sound systems. Excellent job!

Rawan Mahfouz & Houssein el Houjeiri

The experience was awesome, Th e performance was epic and the team was wonderfully helpful, professional and breathtaking!Highly recommended! They made our big day <3

Maya Abou Farah

Thank you sooooo much Roger for everything! For your presence, for entertainment and music, it was superb! you helped us a lot with the schedule and everything! Also, Carla was amazing! we loved her performance! such an elegant singer! I am happy to get to know and work with you, everyone loved the entertainment and we will certainly recommend you for our friends! Thank you again so so so much! Top top top! 

Taline and Ali Komati
Beirut, Lebanon

Their performance at our wedding was amazing❤️ I highly recommend them, they are very professional and they made our wedding special..Thank you Music-A!

Sarah Matta

5 Stars.The best in Lebanon, really!
I advise everyone to try Music-A.

Saida, Janoub.

Amazing performance! We had 3 shows for my brother’s wedding and it was just awesome!! Since the first day I contacted Music-A they did their best to find the best solution that would suit us.
Everything was so perfect they made a great ambiance. Besides, I liked how honest and professional was the manager of Music-A it’s not every day that we meet honest people, especially in the current Lebanese situation. I highly recommend Music-A

Maya Harb

***** Very professional and one of the best performances! Highly recommended!

Sandy & Fares Corbani
Beirut, Leb.

My friend invited a group of ladies to her new house for a teatime gathering... I wanted to surprise her with something beautiful and create a nice ambiance for the guests. I was happy to have Roger playing on his cello beautiful melodies which all ladies were happy with and he created a really happy delightful mood by his music and presence...
Thank you Roger!

Sawsan Chawraba Kaddouh
Ashrafieh - Beirut

Simply creative, professional, innovative... One meeting was more than enough for them to create the best ambiance and perfect music for my big day.

Thank you so much from me and Mario!!! You guys are the best!!

Rafca & Mario Gebrayel

Dear roger thank you for your efforts! Everything was really nice! the harp & Zaffe were superb and your Violin Show was really great! everybody was blown away !!

Fara Sadek

I highly recommend Music-A for any event my husband and I booked them for our wedding they were amazing, entertaining, they were the life of the party! Many thanks to Mr.Roger!

Mahdi Srur
Hart Hreik

Thank you so much Roger, Everything was Amazing, The Zaffe, The Buzuq were great, Everyone liked the band and everyone got Engaged with them in the Party, also the music choice was great!

Pamela & Jack Jabbour

Roger and his team will make sure you get an unforgettable wedding night. They have lots of ideas and great musicians.
You will definitely get what you pay for, a professional team that will make your dream wedding come true.

Maha Abi Jaoude

Music-A’s service is highly affordable, personalized and most importantly, professional!
When we first met up with Roger for our wedding party, we were very specific about our theme and style of music. We even chose a soundtrack that we wished to be used during my entrance. Also, we picked a music style that’s not commonly used in  Lebanon which is Celtic & Scottish... along with bagpipe tunes as well. With his determination, Roger turned the impossible to possible.. while playing the cello and incorporating the celtic/Scottish background tunes. He even customized his own costume for our entrance parade.

ut all of the suppliers and third parties that we collaborated with for the party, Music-A was by far the most creative, involved, professional and hassle-free service - which is usually so rare to find in Lebanon and such a relief for a couple who are running all over the place to organize their party. Honestly, we let Roger do the creative work and he - along with his team of musicians - exceeded our expectations with so much magic ! 

Hanan Akl
Ashrafiyeh - Lebanon

Super professional and amazing performance. We adored The live violin performance⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dalia & Mario Aoun

Thank you Music-A for this memorable night!
We are so grateful for having you in our big day.
You left everyone speechless with this magical performance. You’ve exceeded our expectations by arranging and delivering a unique piece of art and music on both Violin & Cello.
Performance with passion, attention to details, very professional.
Wish you all the best Roger and the team.

Farah Naccour & Firas Saab

Dear Mr. Roger,
Many thanks again for helping me organize my 60th B-day party in Beirut. My guests and I have really appreciated the exquisite talent of your belly dancers, as well as the excellent contribution of your DJ, Mr. Elie, in maintaining an upbeat atmosphere throughout the two-day celebration.

Wishing you all the best for your future activities, 
God bless.

Dr.Dakmara Ana Georgescu
Bucharest, Romania

True artists & the most talented people in the region.
Roger Smith is a professional artist and entrepreneur ready to help 24/7,
Commited to his work and music to deliver the best outcome.

Alain & Stephanie Abou Mrad
Montreal, Canada

Best team! Best people , amazing performance!

We had a great day because of you guys❤️

Lara Noujaim
Paris, France

Roger A-Smithg Played the Cello at my Art Exhibition.

You Guys Are professional! <3 :) 

Rana Kesrwany

Thank you for the wonderful performances! 

Krystel Mahfoud - Founder 961 Management
Beirut, Lebanon.

Super Ethical, Super professional, down to the last detail and super talented!
I am not only writing my Recommendations but also our Guests' Recommendations and feedback
about the great entertaining atmosphere created in our day and night wedding.

Music-A played the most important factor in making our wedding a memorable and successful wedding!

Maha Bou ibrahim

Roger & the team you are amazing and professional. We are lucky to have you at our wedding party...cheers

Wael Bou Semaan
Doha - Qatar

Thank you so much ! Very professional and talented Bands! 
Everyone was impressed at what amazing, musicians you all are as well as your song selections !
Highly recommended !!!

Nancy Mrad - Wedding Planner
Beirut, Lebanon.

Best entertainment ever!!! Thank you roger for making our wedding exceptional, every one enjoyed the zaffe and DJ’s music. Everything was professional and up to our expectations! Wish you best of luck :) 

Hiba Segaan
Beirut, Leb.

Thank you for following up. I appreciate it. Actually, everyone loved them! The musicians and the music..All was great! And to us (as organizers),working with you personally was a pleasure as always.
We appreciate your commitment and support. Thank you Roger! We look forward to next time :) 

Wellspring Management
Mathaf & City Center Beirut

Amazing performance and wonderful team spirit. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed the music, Songs & Oriental Dance performance!
Thank you sooo much for your great input! <3

Dr.Cynthia & Dr.Farid Feghali
Hazmieh - Lebanon

Pros from the start. The booking process, as well as recommendations of Roger, were on point.
Everything was AWESOME! Understood our crowd!
Singers: Dany, Carine, and the band WOW WOW WOW!!! The music was the highlight of the night! Everyone was on their feet, dancing all night!
Thank you! You made our wedding memorable!
Not like all other Lebanese suppliers, doesn't rob you from your money! The value is amazing, I actually think they even deserve more than they ask!
Chapeau bas!

Tamara Rafeh
Abu Dabhi

Thank you so much ! Very professional and talented band!
Everyone was impressed at what amazing musicians you all are as well as your song selections !
Highly recommended!

Nancy Mrad - Wedding Planner
Leyland, Aley

Few can be A-rated, but the only A+ goes to MUSIC-A
Best Entertainment Agency Ever !
Everyone was amazed by the shows you've created at our wedding!

Maria iskandar

It was a great experience working with Music A for the music/entertainment of our wedding. They were professional talented real musicians/entertainers who exceeded the expectations! But what was really exceptional was the authenticity of Roger and his positive attitude towards our special day, we really felt his eagerness to make our day even mor special! Keep up this awesome work.

Giselle & Hady Nemr
Paris, France

Talented.. Professional.. Unique.. Lovely team of musicians..
Hats off !!! Big thanks to Roger...
Can't wait for another event with you guys! 

Danielle Moussa

Thank you Roger again for a Wonderful Performance! :) 

Rana Ezzedine
Boston, U.S.A

We did have a great event! You and all the team contribution was the reason. Despite the fact that we had some challenges, I believe the teamwork spirit you all have made us overcome those challenges, and without those challenges, we wouldn’t have shown our capabilities.

I am grateful and thankful.

Ammar A.A AHC Marketing Communication Manager
Saudi Arabia

Feedback was perfect! I really appreciated your contribution in the event as it was a successful one!

Issam Eid - Director of Operations
Telecom Review Summit - Beirut/Dubai

Thank you for everything! The show was great, everybody is talking about yesterday :) 

Aline & Sako Kazezian

Very talented, very professional. Their performance at our wedding was just wow. they even kept playing under the rain and didn't stop. it was a real pleasure dealing with Mr. roger smith, such a person with high morals. we would definitely recommend Music-A for every couple preparing their wedding.

Layal Samia
Saida,al Janub

A super creative and very professional team!! Every detail was planned to the point! Even better than we had imagined!! We love you Music A!! Special thanks to Roger!! Thanks for making our Big day an unforgettable one!

Pierre & Nour Ouba
Lebanon, beirut

Roger and his team did an amazing job at our wedding! The violin and cello show for the dinner entrance was captivating and many guests commented on how much they enjoyed watching. The violin solo show during dinner created a very classy yet exciting atmosphere. Finally, we could not have asked for a better DJ with an excellent choice of songs! Simply the best!!

Kristel Attieh
Geneva, Switzerland.

Great performance by Music- A. And very professional team.. Was a pleasure working with you.. Thank u roger for ur efforts..

Nancy souaiby

I got two shows for my wedding and both were amazing!! Roger and his team are very experienced and professional. The cello show and the cello and violin show were superb. Everyone was entertained and amazed. Few of the people i worked with during my wedding planning who was always welcoming and patient during the process is Roger and its hard to find this in Lebanon nowadays. I highly recommend them!!

Zeina hassan

Best entertainment you can ever dream of !!! Very passionate and professional team! Our wedding wouldn't be complete without you guys.

Thank you we love you

Rola ayoubi

Thank you Roger for sharing with us an unforgettable moments, Cello was more than amazing at the welcome drink, specially the GOT music, and the parade team performance was so beautiful.
All the best and keep it up.

Hassan N. NourEddine

Many thanks Roger for your excellent playing at our wedding day! We received many compliments about how beautiful the music was and you timed everything perfectly! Big thanks for the parade team for making our entrance special!

Nour Chamoun

Amazing performance!!Music-A team were part of our wedding entertainment and they did a great job keeping people excited and happy!!one of the best shows i have ever seen was the cello and the violin one! very professional service!!!thank you!!

Rita Jarjour

We enjoyed working with roger and his team.. He is talented and professional.. Thank u roger for your performance in our wedding.. Our guests were too happy and enjoyed your music

Carole Salloum

Absolutely amazing parade performance by Music-A on our wedding day! Roger was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Would definitely highly recommend him and his team of outstanding performers!

Nader Akkaoui

Unforgettable moments and awesome music players thank u for making my entrance so special

Chantal Abdel Nour
Bali ,Indonesia

Unforgettable moments and awesome music players.

thank u for making my entrance so special.

Chantal abdel Nour

Roger and the team, you are the best! Thank you for everything it was an unforgettable performance! Very professional service from A to Z! Much love.

Sarah Rouhana
Salima, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

Best wedding entertainers ever !! Thank u for the wonderful shows you did on our wedding day.

Zeina samaha
El Khenchâra, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

Very professional!! Great job guys!

Carol Sakr

The best! We really enjoyed working with Roger and his team. Professional people and highly supportive. Thank you!

Maya Saleh
Lebanon ,Beirut

The best performance i have ever seen. You guys made our entrance a spectecular one! Thank you for everything roger!! And thank you for the professional service you provided us!! Much love!!

Jad Abou Assaly
Salima, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

Simply Amazing!

Dazzling Performances,all our guests were extremely happy and entertained. Best of luck and keep up the great work!

Joelle Chamoun

The Guys Were Great.It Was Simply Amazing !!Loved the mood and the Music.Thank you so much..

The parade changed the mood in the party cause the DJ Wasnt Good,also the invitees danced like crazy with the Parade!


Hello! well, the guys were super great! !! it was simply amazing! we Loved the mood and the music...
The parade totally changed the mood in the party, all the invitees danced with the parade like crazy =D 

Thank you so much! Really!!  

Sahar Nawfal

One of the best Agencies out there! 
The Artists simply rocked the stage! 

So friendly, Classy and talented! 
Thank you Roger So much <3 !!

Grace bou Gebrayel
Beirut, Lebanon.

Roger thank you so much for yesterday it was a blast and you guys rock!! Also Elie was excellent in his music selection and handling! All together It was just amazing and Karen’s was super super happy!! Again thank u so much and definitely put me on your clients list ! 

Roula Sabbagh nour el dine
Mar mikhael

Roger,Thank you so much for yesterday ,Everything was more than amazing really.!!!

All the performance were Perfect !


Serena& Bruno Baz

Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us. you did an amazing job!!!! Much love!!!!

Joey Masri
Nice, France

It was a pleasure to have Music A on my wedding!
They were amazing! I highly recommend the Cello show and singer Carine..
Thank you guys! :)

Manal & Tony Felefly
Paris, France

Thank you Music A for such a wonderful music at the entrance to our wedding . 
It was a wonderful experience,
Amazing performance very professional, it was a pleasure to work with you !

Zeinab & Ahmad
Accra, Ghana

WONDERFUL PERFECT PERFORMANCE NO WORD CAN DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING MUSIC A ARE. OUR WEDDING WOULDN'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU GUYS, working with you was so smooth and professional like no other, thank you sooooo much for everything.

Elie Azar
Aïntoûra, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

Best band ever. You made my wedding day so magical by adding your special classy touch. Everyone was amazed with your shows!! Thank you a lot 

Jessica Mourani

Many thanks Roger & Music-A,

Everything was really wonderful!

Dr.David Ayoub & Roula issa.
Beirut, Lebanon

Everybody loved the shows from A to Z and everyone was asking about Oliver. Many people took your phone numbers because they really love you and they told me that the music was amazing with your performances.

Good luck and keep the good work!


Beit Chaar, Lebanon

Roger, thank you for your time, creativity and professionalism!! You and your team are A++ ;)

Nathalie Matta
Mýkonos , Greece.

Professional, creative and passionate about music and showmanship. Wonderful team!!! Highly recommended...

Elie Saliby

Thank you Music A for such a wonderful music at the entrance to our wedding venue. 
We heard guests saying it was one of the most beautiful entrances they ever witnessed. Also, the cellist and violinist did a GREAT job entertaining our guests at the welcome drink.
They could not have had a better time. Thank you for the team and all the effort put in to make our wedding a successful eve and a much pleasant memory.

All the best and cheers to more successes!

Maria & Johnny

Thank you a lot roger it was amazing. And you are all very professional.

Zeina Wakim Hage
Jezzine, Lebanon

Everything about Music A is just perfect!! Thank you for the outstanding performance Roger, it was a pleasure working with such a professional and highly motivated team .

Sandra Bassila
Sahel Alma

Roger A-Smith and Music-A Live performed at my wedding on the 18 of August 2017.
The performance was astonishing and amazing.
The audience were floating in bliss, transported to a fairy tale world were love stories still exist ! 
Thank you Roger and the team.

Samer Sfeir and Natalie Wehbe
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Amazing performance very professional it was a pleasure to work with Roger and the team u fulfilled our wedding with joy and happiness. Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart�

Georges & Sabine
Beirut, Lebanon

Thank you Music-A!! Thank you for adding your unique touch to our wedding! Everyone was amazed by your performance.

Your attention to detail and sense of humor really helped us a lot.

HIGHLY recommended! Thank you again!! 

Sandra Kassis

Great job we really enjoyed everything the parade the welcome drink band and the magician. 

Nadine Sader
Aïn Ebel, Al Janub, Lebanon

Music-A is A+. Thank you for fulfilling our wedding with joy, happiness and outstanding entertainment. Roger, you are an amazing person. Good luck team #mikeandmaria

Maria Andraos Borgi
Venice, Italy

Professional, talented, creative. True artists. Everything you would want from the team handling your event. I highly recommend Roger Smith and his music A group. Thank you for making our night so special

Youssef & Nancy Saab

Amazing experience with Music A team. I had the great pleasure to work with Roger and his team, we booked 5 shows from a home parade, to saxo performance, a crazy dance booster, and an amazing cake show with roger performance. The experience was great amazing and the wedding went crazy ... I highly recommend everyone to use Music A for their weddings, events and more . I can say 10/10 timing, performance, shows, affordable prices team power, and great team spirit.

Nagham & Wael
Queenz,New York

Highly recommend, it was really amazing. I never expected to find such professional musicians team. I really enjoyed the show & the parade. We were glad we worked with music-A specially with Roger. Keep it up guys!!! :)

Charbel Elias

Roger and his team gave us a spectacular show. Their performance was outstanding starting from the violin/cello show to the percussionists and last but not least the amazing singer Carine Bou Doumit. Thank you for making our wedding a memorable one.

Rebecca & Joe Mourad

Very professional ,glad to work with u always. Thank you Music A 

Carla Saad

Hello, I just want to thank you event was amazing,

the people really liked your performances! 

Lynne Khazaka & Fady Nahas
Ashrafieh ,Lebanon

The best of the best �� the shows are amazing, very professional performances. Love your work!

Tania Daou Noufaily

Most refined entertainment services ever! We were so glad to have you with us! All the luck Roger 

Viv Rizkallah Aouad

Awesome entertainment group!

Marc Sakr
Dubai UAE

Les mots ne suffisent pas pour t'exprimer combien nous avons adoré et apprécié toutes les performances dans notre mariage : de La célébration de la messe, au welcome drink au Portemilio, a notre entrée jusqu'à l'animation du dîner.
Tu étais d'un excellent conseil, d'une grande disponibilité et d'un haut niveau de professionnalisme dans l'organisation à distance.
Nous avons senti que notre mariage était le tien. Les convives étaient éblouis ... tu n'as que rendu notre mariage bien réussi et inoubliable !!!!
Encore un énorme merci, nous ne pouvons que recommander cette belle collaboration et au plaisir de revenir vers toi pour d'autres belles occasions.
Christine et Wissam

Christine Kai
Paris, France

Thank you Music A for fulfilling our wedding's party with passion and joy.
You made us all happy.

We will always contact you in any happy occasion to add enthusiasm.

Rana Mahfouz &Joseph Mirza
Nahr ibrahim

I really don't know where to begin!!!

YOU WERE AWESOME!!!! Thanks a lot for everything!!! All was beyond expectations!!

The parade at home and at the venue, the selection of music, the intro which we LOVED, the amazing Violin show!! And above all thanks for the great gesture you offered by playing on the guitar to our entrance!!! YOU ROCK!!!! I never would have even dreamed of a better way to kick off the night, knowing that I had no clue what to do since I don't like fake zaffe and other kinds of fake performances we see everywhere nowadays! I am totally recommending everyone I know to be in touch with you for their events and I'll be reviewing you on social media!!! You are super professional and offer even more than promised!! Thanks to you our wedding was super original, funky and definitely naturally cool!!! Here are some of the images we got from the photographer, these are low res, I shall provide with high res ones as soon as we get them!!!

Once again big THANKS for everything!

Have a great day!! :D



Mary & Ziad
Jounieh, Lebanon

Dear Roger,
On behalf of AL-MAWARID Bank we would like to thank you for the great show and amazing job you did in our annual lunch. 
We would definitely choose you in our next events!
Best of luck and keep the good work on.

Roha H Khatib
Beirut, Lebanon

I took 3 shows from Music A for my wedding at grand hills: Harpello for the welcome drink, Violinists show for and Allegro show during the dinner . they all added a wonderful touch to my wedding .The team is professional ,honest ,accurate and delivered efficiently the performances .I highly recommend .

Dima assaad

Dear Roger,


Hope you're doing fine and thank you for your note.

We were actually very happy to have you and your team at our wedding. Everyone was very happy with your performance, especially us! Music A did an amazing work that exceeded all our expectations.


We thank you again and again!


Best Regards 

Diam & Oussama
Barcelona, Spain

Thank you Roger really!! Thank you for everything! Thank you for every single effort!

All people fell in Love with The Parade, the violin show! Game of thrones...

You did a fantastic Job! All the best!

Verra le Febvre & Johnny Achkar

Thank you for everything! All the guests were talking about you! you were simply amazing!

Kiara & Jean Zina
Jounieh, Keserwan

Hello Roger,

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing parade and show you offered us. Everyone was very nice and professional.

We wish you and Music-A all the best.

Naji& Grace Ohanian

It was amazing! Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Everybody liked your shows (welcome drink area / entrance parade / Tabla show / violin show)


Layal & Roy Rahal

Thank you very much roger

It was very nice!

Even heard some people saying it was the best entrance ever! 

Rami & Sirine el Hage

Thank you for everything, you guys were amazing. Everyone kept saying how great you all were. I hope this helps:

Roger and the guys at Live music -A were the most amazing and professional people to work with! We came to Roger at the last possible moment and he was able to accommodate us with everything. We were able to have the alternative entrance we wanted. All our guests raved about how amazing the violinists and cello player were.

Pamela our lovely coordinator was an essential part of the night. She coordinated with the dj, the venue, the florist and caterer which allowed ease of kind. And working closely with the entertainment she was even able to give suggestions on the song choice and our entrance. Pamela helped make our wedding a stress free evening for us and made sure everything ran smoothly.

All and all we can only say a big thank you to Roger and Pamela who without them our wedding with not have been so amazing.


Good luck with everything.

Dima & Nadim Khalil
Washington DC, USA

Roger merci beaucoup beaucoup! Vous etiez genial!!! Tout le monde a adorer oud/violons et surtout la parade 

Mia Jamo

Biggest thank to Pamela who was the main player on the D day. Following the schedule to the dot, respecting all the timings and perfectly coordinating between all the suppliers. This is why everything flew very smoothly.


All the best and thank you again and again!

Mr and Mrs NAKAD (Jackie is insisting: Jackie Fares)

Ps1: I can't stop watching the videos of the parade and the entrance. The wassouf was very cool ~ Ziad

Ps2: I can't stop watching Ziad watching his videos without telling myself: Music A did really an amazing job ;) ~ Jackie (Mme NAKAD) 

Mr & Mrs Nakad

Working with Music-A is such a delight as they are professional, timely, and fun.

We enjoy customizing the shows with them and adapting the performances to our needs and ideas.

Keep up the good work Roger! 

Wedding Organizer - Norma froM Tangram

Thank u Music-A for giving me the best ambiance I ever wished  in my best day ever, my wedding.

Pamela Tahtouh

Merci infiniment pour cette belle performance qui a reçu un succès de la part de tous les présents!

Avec plaisir pour les performances dans les congrès prochains.

A très bientôt


Georges Azar,LOS Lebanese Ophthalmological Society
Beirut, Lebanon

My wedding was lovely, cool, romantic...

But with the violin show it was also very classy and romantic

Thank you Music-A! :)

Abir & Antoine el Hajj

Excellent performance for the Parade,
Thank you!

Avocat Claudia Haikal Maalouly

I do not know how i will be able to thank you for your cooperation regarding the band which made our cake ceremony so enjoyable.
Almost all of the 350 persons attending admired the band! keep up the good work Roger and keep the audience enjoying the Big Smile on their faces. 

General Saad
Jounieh, Lebanon

Megan and I want to thank you for coming through as promised and even exceeding our expectations. In my opinion, our wedding was magical and the credit goes to a large extent to you. At the church you were sublime. The choir was coordinated and excellent. At La Posta you have performed something I've never ever seen before (and I've been to a number of weddings in Europe, the Middle East and the US). Thank you for learning the music we requested and performing it at a very high level. You have made our married guests very jealous of us (in a positive way), and our single guests vying to follow our steps. Your show was really at the highest level possible. 

Finally, the parade was awesome and Megan loved it. You know she fought me so much about it as she didn't want it, but it must have been one of her favorite parts of the day. 

Most importantly, I want to thank you personally for all your help and patience. You have been very professional and very kind to me. I will make sure to recommend you to all of my friends and family and will ask mondanite and the other local magazines that will feature our wedding to give you credit. 

I am also copying our wedding planner Christiane Adam in for her information and would vouch for you so she could recommend you to her clients.

Megan Van Tasell & Hanna Chalhoub
New York, United states

Thank you MusicA Beirut for such an amazing (above and beyond) Performance ! You met our Needs and coped super well with our last minute Changes !!


Highly Recommended .


Jessica El Chaar
Ehden, Lebanon

Thank you so much for everything.

The parade was great and your "cake show" was absolutely amazing,

we loved it and so did our guests so we are really happy that we booked it! It was really Amazing! 

Georges & Manuella Fuez
Zürich, Switzerland

Hello Thank you a lot. Every thing was really amazing and the team was very nice and very professional, also the music they played was amazing :)

Jihane Saadeh & Rony Chedid
Chabtine, Batroun

Music-A tunes moods and great music

Mrs.Neda Farah
Furn el Chebak, Beirut

Hello Pamela we really thank you very much for your kind coordination in which you helped us too much,
Nothing can value what you did for us, we appreciate it :)
Also same feelings towards you because you were lovely and cute! wish u a life full of success and happines tc 

Kamal & Stephanie Bassil
Beirut, Lebanon

Music-A:Thank you so much for making the wedding night an amazing musical event!
Roger: I am so glad and happy to meet you and I greatly appreciated your Professional approach in every detail at the preparation.

Christina Ouwehand & Assaad Najem
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bride  From Yara: Choosing Music-A as the parade for my wedding was a great choice. Music-A represented by Mr.Roger is so professional, everything is handed on time and the result is always awesome.

They made an amazing ambiance in my wedding and everyone ended up dancing from the youngest to the eldest during the parade performance.

Thank you Music-A

Pamela Achkar & Aziz Tohme
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear roger,

The band was amazing, and the tabla show as well.

Thank you very much.

Robert el Helou & Rana Bardawil
Kfardebian, Lebanon

We just want to thank you and your team for the wedding. Everything was perfect, it was nice working with you and Good luck! :)

Karim Fattal &Giselle Choueiry
Beirut, Lebanon

Best parade ever, best show violin ever, Roger really you and your band are amazing, thanks a lot for the awesome performance on the 18th & 19th july 2015- wedding blanchic & sursock, it was a pleasure working with you:-)

Maya Baz Semaan
Sofil, Ashrafiyeh

Thank you for all what you've done during our wedding preparations and at the wedding. You were always collaborative and in for any new idea.

We've seen you at many events before, and we chose you for our wedding because of your high professionalism, excellent client service, and most importantly a wonderful performance at all stages of the wedding! We got great feedback from our guests, they liked the show a lot, and even the costumes at the welcome drink :) As for the mimes, we think that was the best thing we did at the wedding :D They're so funny, attentive and creative!

We would highly recommend anyone to work with you!

Judy Daniel & Eddy Chehade
Ghazir, Lebanon

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE ATOUR WEDDING!! Thank you for adding your unique touch to our wedding! Everyone was amazed by your performance. Your attention to detail and sense of humour really helped us a lot. HIGHLY recommended! Thank you again!!

Sandra Assis & Frederic Farhat
Byblos, Lebanon

Hi roger this is Chantal from the 4th of july wedding️ i just wanted to Thank u for the AMAZING performances at the wedding! I really cannot begin to tell you how much you impressed the guests especially with the Cello and Violin show! Ppl were serioulsy amazed everytime I see someone they talk about that show especially about the game of thrones theme! Again thank you so much for everything and best of luck for the future!

Chantal el hachem & Fady Ayoub
Nahr Brahim, Lebanon

Dear Roger & Music-A team, No words can express how thankful we are for the great work you have done at our wedding. We were more than amazed and touched by the professionalism and dedication you have shown and by the efforts in turning our desires and wishes into a musical reality :) The music you played has touched not only our ears but it has rushed to our hearts and gave birth to the most beautiful emotions. Thank you for being part of our wedding and hope we will stay in touch! 

Layal and Bachir Iskandar
Beirut, Lebanon

Thank you Music-A for making our wedding so special!!!! Amazing parade, violin show and Cello:)

Eliane el achkar & Elie kobeiter
Tabarja, Casino

With a great thanks to Music-A professionals!!  Starting from our preparation to the Big Day, they were always with me so helpful and supportive! They were always there for me and made me feel very confident!!! Music-A is not just an entertainment company, there are people who are able to be part of your big event, helping you with everything  what you need and share all happiness with you!! They made my day, they made my surprise performance bright and unforgettable for my beloved Bride and Groom!  I’m looking forward to meet you again and maybe work together!!! Stay Great!!

Elena Bayandina
U.A.E Dubai

Our experience with Music A was awsome! Walla3ouwa!!! The performance and the show were great! We also appreciated the help and guidance they provided us for the scene and organization.

Marie Jose & Elie Faress
Beirut, Lebanon

I should thank you for all what you have done to make it so special and succesfull ... U'r the best Roger A Smith ...U are Unique ,Loved ur spirit ,ur style and ur professialism, ur creativity and all of ur team...

Chady Jabbour & Sheila Marouni

Pamela and I thank you very much for all your team's efforts on our special day.
Your guys were great, in sync with everything that was going on around them. They played all the tunes to perfection & got most of the people off their feet.

Ramzi Rammal & Pamela Katic

Many thanks for a wonderful choir & music at our Christmas Party at home. It added such great spirits & made our guests sing along. Everyone went happy home with a wonderful Christmas mood. The voices of the choir & their singing were very beautiful. The music was good exactly how I wanted it.
Merry Christmas to all.

Stuttgart, Germany

I wanted to thank you for the amazing performance..Really magical & outstanding! Everyone was shocked & the band added more royalty theme to the wedding.Thanks a lot again.

Ali Khalifeh & Noura Hawilo
Dubai, U.A.E

On the wedding day, no matter how well you have prepared, there is always surprises.
With joy, we can say that entertainment was by far the best positive surprise and far beyond expectations.The ambiance was amazing, the Brazilian and the band but also the flash-mob and specially the cake cutting part.The people were so taken by your play that they were still watching when you finished, with mouths open from admiration.

Thank you and keep up the good job.

Ziad & Nadine Khoury
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Thank you a lot !
Vous etiez sublime le jour de notre mariage
Merci infiniment.

Rita & Samir Ibrahim
Jouneyh, Lebanon

The home parade was indeed amazing, very entertaining! =)

my Wife as well as my family & the people there was very happy!

Fady Matta
Achrafiyeh, Lebanon

We want to thank you for the amazing job you all did really really you cant imagine the feedback.
In the dinner, everyone was amazed by the start-up show and the music , and especially the violin show,
In my house it was a great ambiance, the choral in the church were simply WOW,
Thank for being so honest and so punctual.

We would recommend to everyone MUSIC A for their professionalism.

Hiba & Bernard Sader
Dbayeh, Lebanon

Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you 
Not Only for being professional & making our wedding so succesful 'bass la2ano el jaw ken ktir wel3an'
from the violins & cello, Betty the singer and the percussion show after the cake!

Charbel & Michel
jounyeh, Lebanon

I would like to thank you & your team for such an amazing effort at our wedding, you were certainly the highlight and the talk of the moment.
The enthusiasm and performance was something special and warm, it will remain with us for years to come :)

Saadia & Khaled Coubra
Byblos, Lebanon

Je prends enfin le temps de vous écrire pour vous remercier pour le SUPERBE show que vous nous avez fait à l'occasion de notre mariage! Tous les invités, sans exception, vous ont adoré! Nous avons eu beaucoup de compliments sur votre performance! Votre talent, votre choix des musiques, votre tenue vestimentaire, votre charisme et votre show, bref TOUT est à féliciter!!!!! C'était WAW WAW WAW!!!!!!! Nous avons eu un magnifique mariage et une ambiance électrique!!!!! Les invités nous ont dit que c'était le plus beau mariage auquel ils avaient assisté!!! Je tiens aussi à féliciter le violoniste qui a joué durant le dîner! C'était parfait, talentueux et deux couples (dont mes parents) ont même dansé pendant qu'il jouait! Le "zaffé" à la maison était aussi superbe!!! Merci, à vous Roger et à votre équipe talentueuse, d'avoir contribué au succès de notre mariage... Bien à vous

Emilie & Gaby Jani
Beirut, Lebanon

Roger & his team were extremely professional throughout the entire planning process.

Roger in particular showed special attention, patience & creativity in coming up with a personalized show that fits my clients’ tastes & musical preferences, which added to their satisfaction of the overall performance on their wedding day.

I would definitely work with Music-A again on future events & weddings, as I was more than pleased with their performance, excellent work ethics, punctuality & creativity.

Keep up the good work!!:)

Ms.Maya Habib
Events & Wedding Planner (Beirut)

Dear Roger,
The parade was great.
The team definitely created a very nice ambiance!
Thank you.

Dania Baltagi HR MGR
Zalka, Beirut.

Thank you for a follow up! It was definitely a pleasure working with a professional company!
We will definitely keep in touch.
Kind regards

Kristies Agency (Weddings & Events)

Amazing performances! 

Rami Riachi
Dubai, U.A.E

We want to thank you for the amazing job you all did.
All was more than perfect with the band and the parade. Everyone was amazed by the start-up show and the quality of the band,
not to mention the dress code that was very classy and elegant.
Hope you continue with these successes and hopefully we'll meet again.

Sabine & Tony abou jaoude
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Music-A,
What a beautiful set up you gave us!
it was magical to have you & I'm glad you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you!
it really felt like home, all the happy faces including yours will always be in our memory!
thank you for being so kind, talented , emotional & professional - Karim & I were so touched by your presence,

Carla & Karim Keiruz
Achrafiyeh, Lebanon

Thank you for everything! it was just perfect!! Both the performances were amazing!! Really, Thank you thank you thank you!!

Caroline Moarbess
Washington D.C U.S.A

Rami and I would like to thank you & your team for your great performance in our wedding; the start with the parade was just amazing & the guitarists' show during the dinner was more than perfect.
It was a pleasure working with you Roger!

Thank you again for your devotion & professionalism.

Halla Nassrallah & Rami Sabeh
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Roger,

We would like to thank you for the amazing show you did on our wedding./All the invitees adored it and was one of the best moments of the wedding. Thank you for making our night one of a kind.
We were amazed!

All the Best!

Sahar & Elias Assi
Ghazir, Lebanon

It was a great pleasure working with you & I really enjoyed your show,
The opening show the parade the dancers.
Everything was perfect & so many guests asked for your number
so expect some calls after this wedding :)

from 'We plan Events'

Roger !!! Even if I want to describe you how the shows were, I simply can not!  the shows were more than amazing!
everybody is talking about it!
it really was 'the booming' of the event!
After all these efforts & preperation we did, before the wedding, finally something to be proud of =)  

Stephanie & Georges Mattar
Beirut, Lebanon

It was amazing! 
"Kil Mara ahla min marra"
Trop de succès! C'était sublime! 
you deserve all the compliments :) 

Mme Josette Touma Jean
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Roger,

Thanks a lot for last night wedding shows! you were amazing! everyone loved everything you did! I've had a million compliment for the music choices: the welcome drink, the parade, the cake show waaww!!
Merci Beaucoup ! :)

Hanane & Kamil Aoun
Beirut, Lebanon

Thank u Roger A-Smith for u kindness, support and creativity!!
Because of you our wedding was a day to remember!!
Good Luck for u and ur bands. God bless you.

Jeanine & Tony Bteich
Dbayeh, Lebanon

إستاذ روجيــه 

انا واعضاء اللجنة بنشكرك على التابلو اللي قدمتوا ..

اللي قدمتوا كان كتير حلو وأعجب الناس بشكل ملحوظ

وأكيد ست نادين كانت مميزة وإدائها حلو كتير

 أنتو فنّانين بالشكل والمضمون والأداء

Antoine Atoui
لجنة تكريم روّاد الشرق

"Thank you roger you are awesome ; everything was exciting; I loved your show and the parade. You guys enjoy what you do and that's what makes people like."

Rand & Houssam
Chicago, Illinois U.S.A

Hey Roger! I loved your "opening performance" at the wedding last saturday:
You and your two violinists doing Vivaldi's Spring.. Wow!
it was really tight, intense and a great performance.

Catherine Thomson
Musician - Vancouver Canada

Thanks a lot for the wonderful show, I really loved it! :)

Hiba Karaki
Beirut, Lebanon

After checking several entertainment agencies, 'Music-A' is the most professional Company to choose, the best musicians! but most of all, I would like to thank Roger, who is very patient with his customers, follow the steps as they really ask him to and most of all he's is not a commercial guy who only thinks about making money out of weddings but rather making sure that his clients are satisfied and happy with his services...Thank u roger for your follow-up, your professionalism, and your exceptional way of treating clients. best of the best.


Ralda & Joseph Chaoul
Amsterdam, Netherlands

When we met with Roger at Music-A, we did not go to our other appointment for wedding entertainment.   The spirit and professionalism of Music-A hooked us immediately and we directly went along with them.  On our wedding day, Music-A performance went beyond our expectations.  They were the spark that put us and all of the invitees on fire!  Their performance was classy, entertaining, fun and putting us on the spot.  We enjoyed our night to the maximum because of their presence and all of the invitees were having fun and talking about them after the wedding.

Music-A is definitely the Best, Thank you for making our wedding an unforgettable event

Charbel Nakhle

"Roger from Music-A was easy to work with, very reliable, and patient. He was also really creative and came up with this awesome idea for our parade, which surprised everyone.
Everyone loved it and things ran perfectly on the night!"

Maria & Bernard
Melbourne, Australia

"Our cool wedding was made even cooler with the tunes of Music-A group. The impact on the crowd was instantaneous. Dancing, Cheering and getting up close and into the action.Short pre-wedding meeting to work through the music and the event, and the delivery was superb...Now 6 months into it and people still talk about the wedding night opening show, the Music-A show.

Thank You Roger and Music-A team"

Hala & Jack Sukhn
Sydney, Australia

"Thank you for everything, the show was great and perhaps the best of all! Dany and I enjoyed and I know the audience too :) "

Nina Mitri
Montreal, Quebec

We have been receiving great feedback about the wedding, and we can only thank you for contributing to this success.We wish you all the best in the future as you have shown us nothing less than pure professionalism , with your main concern focusing on creating the best possible class performance.The parade was even better than we had imagined (we noticed that you added 2 artist free of charge, and without us even asking - thanks for that!).

The music show was super classy; Needless to mention that the cake show was spectacular.

Krystel & Roy Khalil
Beirut, Lebanon

I discovered Music-A in 2012 when organizing my daughter's wedding.

It was all and more than we had hoped for. From band to singer to duo string number...

it was beautiful all through.

Thank you Roger for your courtesy and professionalism. .it was a pleasure dealing with you.

I strongly recommend Music-A to anyone looking for the best there is.


"We just want to tell you a big THANK YOU for the Spanish guitars, they were great. 
Also, big thanks for the choir, those kids were angelic and big thanks for the Spanish Dance Show.
You really made our wedding complete!"

Sandra and Borja
Madrid, Spain

" To Music-A, for the harmony you created on our day & for the lovely memories we will cherish for a lifetime
  To Roger, for your professionalism, for your kindness & for the time you spent working on what we had at heart. Thank you! "

As we remember the most beautiful day of our lives, we have a special thought for Music-A.

Krystel & Rami Saade
Washington D.C U.S.A

The musicians were wonderful - they really added a nice touch to the wedding. they set up very quickly & the music was calm and full of joy. I'm happy we ended up choosing Music-A

Thanks again!!

Rania Jaber
London U.K

"What can I say about you guys, you really made our wedding an unforgettable night, fantastic and so much fun.
All of our guests commented on how great the parade was and the fact that you had pretty much every guest up on the dance floor is a real testament to how great you guys are!
We would highly recommend Music-A to any of our friends. You guys really did make the evening perfect for us. Music A – truly brilliant entertainers, keep up the great work.”

Caroline Christidis
Beirut, Lebanon

"...We had an amazing wedding ceremony; the musicians, the ambiance and the show were perfect and tailored to our wedding theme, thanks to Music-A!"

Sara Yafi
Dubai, U.A.E

"Music A have contributed to make our wedding day one of the best ever! Well actually the best! thanks a million! loved every single show! full of ceativity and talent!

you guys rock! "

Mona & Naji Rbeiz
Beirut, Lebanon

We couldn't have found a better band for our wedding reception. We wanted that classic feeling of the past to start off the evening and eventually a sound that would make everyone get up and dance and that is exactly what the Music-A team delivered; Liliane's mesmerizing voice to the tunes of a world class band, Roger's unforgettable string playing and an overall feeling of charm and excitement. 

We would recommend this band for their professionalism, kindness and above all talent. 

Myriam & Alessio Andaloro
Naples - Italy

"Great music, great songs combination.
it was an amazing entertaining and breathtaking parade and show.
We will definitely recommend Music-A to our friends"

Antoinette & dominic Hajjar
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Best parade, best performance, best combination of music, best interaction and best atmosphere; this was all found in my wedding!! It was super extraordinary..You rocked guys! Keep it up!"

Reine Waked Akl
Washington D.C U.S.A

"Music-A was the selection for our wedding entertainment. Many creative shows are offered.From Music A's reception to presentation & from rehearsals to the wedding you are at ease & pretty comfortable that you will get what you asked for.You know that you have made the right choice from people's faces & interactions during Music-A's unique and beautiful performances in the ceremony.

Music-A will surely perform on our 50th wedding Anniversary"

Maria Smath
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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