Ghenwa Nemnom is a passionate Qanun player. The Qanun is a Mediterranean ethnic music instrument that originated since Mycenaean times around 1600BC and it is famous for its unique melodramatic sound and richness. Ghenwa started learning music in Beirut at the age of 8 and joined the National  Lebanese Conservatory in 1995 where she mastered her instrument along with music formation and theory. 
She moved to the United States at the age of 16 and studied Arts and Science at  Oakland University of Michigan; While living in the States she was traveling around Europe and Africa exploring different types of music and art.   Ghenwa moved back to Lebanon and decided to fully focus on her music career taking the instrument to a new level and challenging the status‐quo of the Qanun known to be old fashioned and limited to the orient music scene.  In a new age of electronic and fusion-based music scene, Ghenwa’s aim is to breakthrough with the Qanun’s unique sound blending it with a fusion variety and a wide spectrum ranging from Oriental, Classical, Latin, African to deep house and groovy rhythms.
Qanun instrument modernized joining the East with the West in a unique fusion and sounds.

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