Claire Khoury: A Musical Journey of Elegance and Harmony

Claire Khoury, a gifted multilingual Singer and Qanun player, hails from Lebanon, where her musical journey began. With a bachelor diploma in oriental singing and qanun from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) where she now pursues a Ph.D. in Musicology.

Claire's performances, marked by elegance and interaction, have graced stages across the Middle East, from luxury venues, TV shows, to festivals, earning her collaborations with renowned artists like Marwan Khoury and Joseph Attieh. Singing in Arabic, English, and French, she mesmerizes audiences with her seamless blend of vocals and instrumental prowess.

Online, Claire boasts over 200,000+ followers and 5 million+ views, sharing her passion for music globally. Through her artistry, she serves as a cultural ambassador, uniting traditions with modernity and leaving an enduring impact on all who hear her enchanting vocals and melodies.

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