Lebanese Singer Rita Sleiman, a renowned finalist from Star Academy - Season 10, during which she won the admiration and support of many thousands of fans.  

Her first single titled “Hayda Eid El Milad” Composed by 'Marcel Gharib' and arranged by 'Elie Toumieh', has captured hundred of thousand views during 2015 Christmas hitting a record score views in the first week; Rita has been active on the Lebanese and Arab music scene since, collaborating in several projects and concerts with numerous Egyptian artists and Lebanese artists including Ryan Haber;

Her presence and performance at the T.V Show 'Fi-MALE', presented by the well known T.V presenter Carla Haddad, currently being shown on LBCI, is significantly projecting her colorful voice, singing talent and oriental repertoire, acquiring a large fan base from over the M.E.N.A region and from around the world.

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