Your celebration is of no success if you failed to actively engage your guests in the event. Parades were therefore conceived and constituted from walking groups of musicians playing exciting tunes accompanied by dance. Such groups mix with your invitees firing up the ambiance and bringing everyone on their feet.

Whether to accompany the bride from her parental home, make an interesting entrance for the bride and groom at their wedding reception, celebrate a corporate annual event, or attract people during festivals and holidays, it is all about sharing good times and positive feelings. In this regard, our performances focus on drawing invitees to the dance floor where they all forget about time and place and unite in a group of amused spirits.

You can also choose to add dancers and fire masters to any celebration parade, while also adding jugglers and animators to your festival, holiday, birthday, or more parades.

Let's imagine together… What could be more fun and exciting? A bride and groom joining their guests on a slow or dance song? Or a group of about 8 to 10 dynamic and skillful musicians playing exciting melodies while accompanying the newly married to their guests, and before accompanying them to the dance floor?

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