It is all about the first impression when it comes to hosting a welcome drink for your wedding, corporate event, or festive celebration reception.

This first part of your occasion constitutes your theme's introduction and the admission of your guests into a magnificent world of your own creation. And what could be better than live entertainment to spice up the ambiance and amuse your guests from their very arrival? Hence, we provide you with a wide range of options like musical performances, mimes, living statues, and much more. We also help you choose the most appropriate music style for your theme, event, location, and guests.

Now, do you have something already in mind? Is it a classical duo or trio playing some of the most reputed pieces in music history? Or is it small band performing oriental, Spanish, Irish, or even International repertoires? Are you thinking about a jazzy performance where our musicians roam around the open space cheering and welcoming your invitees? We have prepared plenty of suggestions for you…

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